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Rovilo's Immortal After Dark

Rovilo's Immortal After Dark

photo by: Rovilo Miniature Pinschers

Keljantzi's Willow The Wisp For Rovilo

Keljantzi's Willow The Wisp For Rovilo

photo by: Rovilo Miniature Pinschers

Bamtybo Arya Of Winterfell For Rovilo

Bamtybo Arya Of Winterfell For Rovilo

photo by: Rovilo Miniature Pinschers

Rovilo's Beatrix Potter

Rovilo's Beatrix Potter

photo by: Rovilo Miniature Pinschers

This is my page for my beautiful Miniature Pinscher's

Occasionally we may have a litter, but mostly I enjoy showing my Miniature Pinscher's at both Championship shows & Open Shows, I am extremely lucky to have the dogs that I have & I am so proud of them.

As well as showing we really enjoy going on many countryside walks, the dogs love it and so do I.

I have grown up with dogs all of my life, Dobermann's ( Awenasa Doberman’s) my mother bought our first Dobermann 24 years ago and we have all been in love with the breed ever since then.
Having Owned Dobermanns (or rather them owning us) for a long time we regularly came across Miniature Pinscher's from other breeders, I absolutely fell in love with their vibrant outlook on life, their loving nature, their look, their characters & their loyalty. And that is when we knew that they were the breed for us as well as my mothers Dobermann's

There’s a reason the miniature pinscher is called “The King of Toys” and that is because they absolutely rule the roost.
Here at home they easily take authority over our 35-40KG Doberman’s with ease, but will equally play and snuggle up to anyone or thing that is warm.

Our min pins have all been raised in a busy household, with plenty of children to play with them from a very young age.

being around animals of all shapes and sizes my whole life I work for one of the UK’s Leading Animal food / Supplies Retailers and attended many in depth training courses,
I am very interested in animal nutrition & health finding out what feed is the best for certain types of dogs & what isn't, Learning about health issues for each different breed etc

This in turn ensures that our dogs are only fed on the best diet available.

As a hobby we show our dogs in the hopes judges appreciate the conformation type and temperament the dogs possess.

No matter the placing of my dogs, I will always take the best dogs home.

You can be assured if you are ever lucky enough to own a Rovilo Miniature Pinscher that they will be first and foremost an amazing family pet and will hopefully have the potential to be a show dog.

No matter what discipline the new owners of our puppies decide to take, our pups will come with life time support.

As well as being a busy household we share our house with 5 Doberman’s & 5 Miniature Pinscher's.

All of our dogs are first and foremost much loved family pets living within our home and not kennelled, this to us is a testament to the temperament of our dogs, and they all live together in harmony. ( Most of the time)

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