David Drew

David Drew
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  • English Springer Spaniel
Holly and Storm

Holly and Storm

Nestling on the Western edge of Salisbury Plain, Battlesbury Spaniels are ideally placed to attend shoots both on the plain and the surrounding area.

As a gundog enthusiast (I'm not a professional gundog trainer and I don't train gundogs except my own) I frequently travel to the surrounding counties to attend training sessions, always looking to improve my dogs using both proven methods and new ideas.

BATTLESBURY SPANIELS came about as a result of me getting hooked about three years ago. I had owned a Golden Retriever, Becky for twelve years who was a pet and a wonderful companion. She lost a battle with cancer and when I knew that I was going to lose her I decided to get another dog to help. I had always wanted a Spaniel, not as a gundog as I didnt shoot, just as a pet.

I saw an advertisment for an English Springer Spaniel in Wales for just 120 so we went to have a look at her. And as result in December 2012 we had our first Spaniel join our family.

In March 2011 I went along to the Westcountry Gamefair and saw a working dog demonstration and decided at that point I wanted my dog to be able to do that, after all, how hard can it be, its only training a dog!

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