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Irish Champion Rysalka Merry Minstrel (1991 - 2008)

Pluto was the first British bred and campaigned PWD to win a title. His sister Irish Champion Rysalka Moon Masquerade at Bentarsna pipped him at the post to become the first Irish Champion in the Breed.



photo by: Ray Mainland

Billeys Kanon Lyran Big Bang at Rysalka.

Kix was imported from Sweden, and is passing on his superb type and temperament to his children,

Companion trim

Companion trim

Most photographs of the Portuguese Water Dog show them in traditional Show trim (Lion clip) with the back end shaved.
The majority of non-show dogs are kept in a Companion / pet trim where the coat is kept fairly short all over the body. The muzzle is usually clipped very short, and a flag is left on the end of the tail.
This is a very practical trim, and being non-shedding, is easy to maintain.

Jack winning BOB in Europe

Jack winning BOB in Europe

photo by: Sue tweedie

Established in 1989, and a founder kennel of the breed in Britain, my dogs combine the best British and European bloodlines. As well as breeding beauty (Portuguese, Irish, Swedish, American and International Champions) I have bred brains - Crufts Heelwork to Music Champion, Agility and Obedience winners.

All my puppies are reared in the house, and make superb family companions for those who appreciate the happy and intelligent nature of the Portugese Water Dog.

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