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Llanstinan Welshman at Carriegame JW

Llanstinan Welshman at Carriegame JW

Hector has an excellent temperament with a keen will to please. He loves to retrieve especially out of water. He is a naturally fit dog with excellent movement. He has won may prizes and as well as being 3rd at Crufts for two years running he is joint top winning Labrador last year with the Northwest Labrador Club.
He is passing his excellent breed type and movement on to his offspring and his son was 3rd in his class at Crufts this year.
He is available to suitable bitches which have been hip scored and eye tested. Fresh and frozen semen is available for shipment around the world.

Lynquest Liberthine of Carriegame

Lynquest Liberthine of Carriegame

Candy is a daughter of Carriegame Ohmeohmy. She is a pleasure to have around the home. she has the most pleasing temperament. She loves to retrieve and is happiest when in water.
Candy has done very well in the show ring winning many Best of Breed awards as well has winning well at Championship shows.
She gained her stud book number last year and delighted me when she gained 3rd place at Crufts this year.

Carriegame Ohemohmy

Carriegame Ohemohmy

Harry has a lovely temperament. a real friend to have around. Of all my dogs I think he is the one which I spoil. He always seems to be the one sat on the settee with us watching TV.
He has done very well in the show ring winning too many times to list here.
He has been used at stud and many of his offspring have done very well in the ring in this country and around the world. Candy above is one of his daughters, and he has a son who has been made into a champion.

Icyrivers Myohmy by Carriegame (age 4 months)

Icyrivers Myohmy by Carriegame (age 4 months)

photo by: Sharon Rogers

Introducing my young dog by Carriegame Ohmeohmy. I thank Steve and Trish O'reilly for allowing me to have him. He is a typical naughty funloving puppy and a joy to have a round.
He has been to a few shows where he has been placed each time at championship level.

I firstly need people to know wh much I love Labradors as a breed, I am fond of all dogs big and small but I could only ever own and share my life with a Labrador.
I may have one or two litters a year and my first choice for my puppies are excellent family homes. Some of course do go to show/breeding homes but they must all be family pets first and show/breeding must be secondry. I have exported dogs and bitches all over the world, where many have been made up into champions.
My dogs are used at stud and I only le them be used on "ladies" which have excellent temperaments and below average hip scores and a clear eye test.
Fresh Chilled and frozen semen is available for shipment anywhere in the world.
I am a member of the kennel Club Accredited Breeder scheme and I am on the breed clubs judging list. I enjoy judging all breeds within the gundog group.

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