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  • St Bernard
  • Pug

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  • Russian Black Terrier

Welcome to our champ dogs page

We are Gavin and Stacey

We are located in a rural location
near to Manston on the Isle of Thanet Kent in the south east of England

Having trained worked and bred gun dogs terriers and sheepdogs in the past ,
We welcomed into our home and hearts saint bernards back in 2013 Our affix was registered shortly after ! Aveyrew came about being a combination of our names we submitted 5 names to the kennel club and they accepted the last one Aveyrew

Most of our saints live in the house with our cats tiny chihauhas pugs Russian black terrier and 4 children they enjoy being part of family life from sofa Cuddles to countryside walks which surround us and crazy romps on the local beach, All of our puppies are reared and kept in our home and very well socialised
We are proud of our dogs excellent temperaments

We show our dogs when family life allows and throughly enjoy it

We FULLY health test ie hip elbow eye and heart test all our Saint Bernards and our pugs will be hemivertebrae
patella Luxation & DNA tested for PDE,PKDef & DM

We have been raw feeders for many years and our dogs thrive on it

Our dogs health and welfare come first as they are loved family pets but we enjoy showing them off at shows

We aim to breed to keep back one or two for ourselves then the rest become available to loving families , all puppies from us will be endorsed as 'prognency not for registration or export ' these restrictions May be lifted subject to health tests this will be discussed

All of our dogs socialise and play together The boss is our chihuahua

Any puppy bred here will be born and raised in the house around our other dogs cats and children Kc papers will be provided as will an in depth contract
We are here for the lifetime of a puppy and more
we have welcomed from the fabulous na kazda pogode kennel in Poland percy and Peggy pug who our children have started to show with huge success

We also have been privileged to become owners of a Russian black terrier they are a magnificent breed

We go over and above the kennel clubs reccomendation of health testing of our dogs As we feel this is the right thing to do as there are many health issues being ignored by breeders

We also foster for the St bernard trust.

We reccomend the trust if you are looking for a Saint Bernard but are happy to put you on our waiting list for a pup But there may be a wait As we Breed when we want a puppy Or two to keep back and not for profit !

Please don't hesitate to contact us as we often know of home raised fully health tested puppies available

For stud enquirers please in the first instance email the bitches pedigree and health test results As certain results and pedigrees will be declined by us

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  • 14th March 2015 - St Bernard (Parents Health Tested)