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  • German Shepherd Dog
  • Labrador Retriever
Mistle in the Summer sun

Mistle in the Summer sun

photo by: Rachel Paul

Mistle is a typical example of our family. We believe German Shepherds should be 'C4'. The four 'C's are:
Character, they are a family member and live with you as such. There is no point in having a dog that you can not live with. They have brains an ability to think for themselves, must be a good robust loving nature, often a wicked sense of humour in playful happy enjoyment and a willingness to please. They work any field.
Construction, should be short coupled, solid and square with a broad bottom, deep chest and square hind end- no 'roach' back, the old fashioned 'dinner table' back.
Colour, is either black and gold (not 'tan') or gold sable. Black and gold can vary from bicolour to a very bright almost all over gold appearance.
Coat, should have two layers. A dense thick under coat and a short to full top coat. Traditionally German Shepherds are short coated, not long coated like the Belgium Shepherds.

A few boys at rest

A few boys at rest

photo by: Ian Preston

A few boys at rest. They demonstrate the variety of colour available in black and gold.
These worked competitively in agilty for many years. We have Shepherds working in security, search and rescue and even for human remains! Our stock have and are working in the shooting field picking up on shoots, in families with disabled children, tracking and obedience.

Our dear Ali

Our dear Ali

photo by: Rachel Paul

Ali is ten but stills acts like a youngster. They are strong solid middle-of-the-road type, not too heavy but not whippets, stamina to do a days work. They have good strong bone and square style head. A deep thick neck and chest, followed by a level back and a solid broad bottom that is in proportion to the rest of the dog. The labradors, like the shepherds are always short coupled.

Shadowsquad is an old kennel that has its roots firmly in the past. For sixty years our priorities have not altered. We have kept to the same old fashioned bloodlines, which consistently produce the correct balance of intelligence, quality, and construction. All the dogs in the family, whether Shepherds or Labradors, have the same character- affectionate, wanting to communicate and please, willing to work but content to be well loved members of the family.

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