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Sophie Ellis
32 Browning Court
Clinton Park
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  • German Shorthaired Pointer

I have been involved with dogs and dog showing from a very early age and for the past 12 years have regularly shown my dogs at Championship Show level both here and abroad. Around 6 years ago i fell in love with the German Shorthaired Pointer and when i felt the time was right purchased my first GSP, Indijazz Originale at Soellis joined the household. He was then followed by Indijazz Razzmatazz at Soellis and i now regularly compete with them in the show ring. They are both also worked throughout the season, beating and picking up.
Very kindly Roger & Val Mann & Gill Roden allowed me to use their wonderful stud dog Sh. Ch. Valger Nearco from Keigame JW (A.I.) on Marge resulting in a lovely first litter born here at Soellis. As a result we kept Soellis Dirty Gertie to hopefully follow our other GSP into the ring and field.

Indijazz Razzmatazz at Soellis

Indijazz Razzmatazz at Soellis

photo by: Andy Biggar

Marge holding a lovely steady point on pheasant.

Indijazz Originale at Soellis

Indijazz Originale at Soellis

photo by: Chris Wilson

Rudi showing his socks off.

Soellis Dirty Gertie

Soellis Dirty Gertie

photo by: Chis Wilson

Gertie at the GSPC Championship show aged 6 months.

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