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"Sir Fergus"

photo by: Tayside Sharpei

Fergus’ Story

Fergus is 4 years old, born in April 2011, and is a lovely blue brush coat which is very soft to touch, a lovely curly tail,an tulip ears. he is a strong and stocky boy.

Fergus is definitely the “man of the house” and loves going on long walks.

He loves greeting you in the morning with a toy in his mouth and will always give me a kiss good morning.

Brilliant temperament, strong character, but very loving and loyal to his family.



photo by: Tayside Sharpei

Ellie's Story

Ellie is my beautiful, blue flowered brushcoat girl and is 24 months old.

I first fell in love with her when I saw her photo as she was so tiny but had a beautiful white body and just two blue circles on her head.

Ellie has got the most beautiful eyes they are a lovely green colour. Now she is older she has an almost solid blue head.

Ellie loves going for walks and its none stop high speed action.. she just loves going over to our local golf course early in the morning and running for Scotland.

When she is in the house she loves looking out of the window and watching all the cars, buses, vans and lorries but most of all people.

Being a girl she loves the sun but most of all Ellie loves giving you loads of cuddles on the sofa and watching the telly.. that’s her kind of night.

That’s a nice end to a lovely day with my wee Ellie



photo by: taysideSharpei

Ben's Story

Ben is our handsome, lilac, horse coat boy born in November 2013.

He has a very muscular body, under a very wrinkly skin and loves to run everywhere, even in the house.

Although he is a big softy with his family and loves his cuddles, particularly in the evening, he is also a very strong and determined character, which makes him a definite boy !!

Like all Shar Pei's he is very loyal and caring. I love him to bits


We are based Dundee Tayside, Scotland which is a wonderful area with beaches, parks, rivers and woodland all nearby. This is great for our variety of dogs.

In our website we would like you to meet our family of dogs.

Our dogs are a big part of our family and are well loved. They live in our home where we do not have any cages or kennels, our dogs are just a big part of our family life.

We are both passionate about dogs and I could not be without them as they just bring so much love and happiness, and in return they are loved and spoilt, and spend most of their days and nights snuggled up on our sofas, and in their dog beds that are scattered around the house.

We are not large scale breeders and by no means is this our livelihood, but instead for us it a hobby.

Two years ago, after considerable researching we decided to keep and breed Shar Peis.

I never thought it would be possible to have a Shar Pei, and then 2 years ago my husband bought me my first Shar Pei, a blue, brush coat boy Fergus, and what a dream as he was my birthday present and he makes me smile very day.
Then came my beautiful Ellie, my blue flower, in 2011 who unfortunately passed away in August 2014 .

All our dogs just love their long walks, and as we live in Tayside in Scotland, there are so many beautiful places to go.

Since then we have added other girls to our family and more information and photographs are on our website -

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