Bowkol Swedish Vallhunds

Fiona Cameron & Tim Woods
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Loki working 60 sheep

Loki working 60 sheep

photo by: F Cameron

Tilly (October 2014)

Tilly (October 2014)

photo by: F Cameron

Vallhunds Mountaineering, Highlands of Scotland

Vallhunds Mountaineering, Highlands of Scotland

photo by: T Woods

Megan on the move!

Megan on the move!

photo by: Denman

We are Fi Cameron and Tim Woods; we live in Nottinghamshire in the UK with our Swedish Vallhunds Loki, Megan, Tilly & Freki Pup.

We passionately believe that, since Vallhunds are a working breed, it is important to preserve and develop their Herding abilities. (Our Kennel name ‘Bowkol’ is an ancient Celtic word meaning ‘Cattle Herder’)

Our Bowkol Swedish Vallhund Website is dedicated to demonstrating the Herding potential of our Swedish Vallhunds as working dogs and ‘useful farmer’s companions’.

Properly trained, Vallhunds can be of real practical value in a Smallholding working sheep, goats and geese, in addition to cattle.

We breed only occasionally & aim to produce well constructed Vallhunds of good temperament, who retain their inherited instinct to work livestock & are true to the Breed Standard.

Both parents are always Health Tested : they are hip Xrayed & we only use dogs whose hip score is equal to or below the Breed Average for that year, & only breed from dogs whose eyes have been tested clear within the year that they have been bred from. We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders.

We believe passionately that the mothers well being & the early experiences of a litter are paramount to producing a confident & 'grounded' puppy. Visit our Website for more information & photos on our Puppy Page.

We are passionate about the energetic, fun loving nature of our Vallhunds as hardy, healthy, active dogs. They participate in all our ‘outward bound’ activities from mountaineering to simple country walks.

We are also proud to Show our Bowkol Vallhunds from time to time,& feel strongly that the fact they are 'Fit for Purpose' is reflected in their movement,construction & muscle tone!

We firmly believe that an active Vallhund makes for a content and happy dog.

Life is never dull with a Swedish Vallhund!

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