Miss Sarah Buddin

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  • Border Collie
Wizinby Bramble Bear

Wizinby Bramble Bear

I have learnt all i can from my mum. who has always bred Labradors (working), me wanting to be different have always wanted Border Collies. so i did and purchased Cleo. (wizinby Bramble Bear) she has been an amazing Pet. although she could have gone far in many things, i did choose to just have her a pet. She has produced 3 brilliant litters. All of which all the puppies are all off doing there own thing now some of which are pets,some showing. also agility and obedience. Some very talented off spring has been produced by cleo, and to top it off she is a amazing mother. when she does not have children of her own to bring up she is great with my little girl and also her daughter Broxi

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