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Buck vom Lordhoff

Buck vom Lordhoff

photo by: Cwmcarrog

Seehof Glenda (Ella) & Seehof Jestine (Jade)

Seehof Glenda (Ella) & Seehof Jestine (Jade)

photo by: Cwmcarrog

Lucky vom Holtvogt

Lucky vom Holtvogt

photo by: Cwmcarrog

I have owned and worked gundogs for over 30 years and in particular GSPs for the past 10 years.

My interest is in the working side of the breed. I have made it my aim to concentrate on GSPs from proven working stock hence my leaning towards European, and in particular, German bred dogs where they are tested against standards for working and conformation.

Having my first GSP as a rescue dog in 2005 I introduced puppy Seehof Glenda (Ella) in December 2010. She was obtained from Bambos Charalambous who is a supporter of the German field trial / test system. Ella's parents, Birkenwald Wasir and Seehof Argo have had their working abilities tested through the Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband and attained Kleemann Sieger status. Ella's litter siblings, Gibb and Gemma, also gained their KS titles in October 2014.

In March 2013 I imported Lucky vom Holtvogt, bred by Maria Lemmermöhle of Oldenberg, Germany. Lucky is by Plato KS vom Niemen and her mother is Diva vom Holtvogt. Plato is another proven working dog carrying the 'KS' title and Diva has passed all her working tests making her eligible to compete for the KS and IKP titles. Plato was adjudged the dog with the best conformation and attained the coveted V1 title at the 2010 Kleemann Test which was also when he achieved his 'KS' title. Lucky's lineage is very strongly influenced by the world renowned Hege Haus breeding.

In April 2014 Seehof Jestine joined our home. She is out of Seehof Gemma (litter sister of Ella) who gained her First Prize in the IKP in the Czech Republic in September 2103 and her KS title in October 2014 in Germany. Jade's father is KS Seehof Donan who has achieved top honours in all his tests. Jade has followes in their footsteps by being trained in Germany to prove herself through the Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband series of tests. She has achieved first grade passes in her Derby (D1) Solms (S1) and Verbands Gebrauchs Prüfung (VGP1). Jade will be returning to Germany to compete in the 2016 Kleemann Ausleseprüfung for the title of Kurzhaar Sieger (KS). The Kleemann Ausleseprüfung is considered the world championship for the breed.

In August 2014 Buck vom Lordhoff joined our kennel. He is a young GSP imported from Serbia where he was national junior champion. He will be our stud dog and available to approved visiting bitches. Please see Champdogs GSP stud dogs page for more information.

My dogs work on local shoots and I also use them for rough shooting.

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