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Breeding Happy Healthy Dogs For Loving And Competing

We are a small Kennel and were Kennel Club Assured Breeders and easily passed our inspection. Due to having kept two pups from our recent litter we do not currently have any plans to breed again.

Our dogs live in the house with us as part of the family, cuddling with us on the sofa and they have their own beds in our bedroom at night. They are first and foremost much loved members of our family.

We do a little showing and have shown at Crufts. Poppy qualified for and competed at Crufts 2012 and both Poppy and Elektra qualified for and competed at Crufts 2015 where Elektra was placed in her class. Elektra qualified for Crufts 2016 under both breed specialist and all rounder judges. After attending only 2 champ shows since Crufts 2016 Elektra has qualified for Crufts 2017 which we plan to attend. Poppy took a break from Champ shows in 2015 and 2016 and I did not attend any more breed shows with either dog after May in 2016. We believe that good confirmation and movement are important factors in breeding along with a good temperament, all of which are needed in the show ring. We plan to spend most of the first half of 2017 concentrating on showing while we show Cole and Thea, Ellie’s pups from 2016, alongside Ellie and Poppy who starts her veteran showing career. We are thrilled with Cole who at his first group open show at only 6 months won his breed class, was Best Puppy, Pastoral Puppy Group 3 and also placed 3rd in a large AV Puppy stakes under the best in show judge! Thea also did well placing 2nd behind her brother in the breed class.

Our main focus long term for our dogs is agility and we compete at both KC, UKA and unaffiliated agility shows. Poppy won out of Grade 1 at a KC Champ agility show with a 3rd and 4th the same day in classes of 120 and has regular top 10 placings in classes of over 100. In October 2016 she won into G3, taking Ellie to G3 with her, after winning the G2 agility, she had already won 2 jumping classes in 2016 as well. At her first G3 show she was 9th in agility and at her 2nd G3 show she was 2nd in the jumping behind her daughter, Ellie. Even though she attended few shows in 2016, Poppy still mananged to gain the required points from her numerous placing to gain her Agility Warrant Silver (AW(S)). At UKA she is Senior Performance and Champ Steeplechase and has won classes in both, due to the change of most of our local UKA shows to become KC we will not being doing much UKA in future. Ellie had a great start to her agility career over winter 2015/2016 winning 3 steeplechases at her first UKA show. She has also gained many top 3 placings at local unaffiliated shows in C1-2 and C1-3 classes, amazing me at how quickly she has become consistent. She sadly missed the start of the KC season due to coming into season but did manage 4 KC shows from the end of September gaining an amazing 1st (jumping) and two 2nds (1 jumping, 1 agility behind her mother) from G2 and at her first G3 show she was 6th in jumping and at her 2nd G3 show she won the jumping!! We are really looking forward to getting her going properly in the second half of 2017 after we have finished showing her pups in puppy classes.

Our dogs are also trained with sheep as we believe this an important part of our breeds heritage and future. All four of our dogs show working ability with sheep, Poppy and Ellie being half trained and Cole and Thea having had their initial puppy sheep assessment.

We only breed very occasionally and there are likely to be 3 or more years between our litters although we currently do not have any plans to breed again. We only breed from fully Health Tested dogs with good results.

Kirkwind Poppet at Kirkbridgend AW(S) (Poppy)

Kirkwind Poppet at Kirkbridgend AW(S) (Poppy)

photo by: Twin Photographic

Poppy in show stand after winning Best In Show at a Companion Show August 2012.

Kirkbridgend Rock Star (Elektra) almost 12 months

Kirkbridgend Rock Star (Elektra) almost 12 months

photo by: Alan V Walker

Elektra a week before her first birthday on the move in the show ring at Malvern.

Kirkwind Poppet at Kirkbridgend AW(S) (Poppy)

Kirkwind Poppet at Kirkbridgend AW(S) (Poppy)

photo by: Lindsey Bridges

Poppy competing at Bridge House KC Agility September 2012.

Kirkbridgend Rock Star (Elektra)

Kirkbridgend Rock Star (Elektra)

photo by: Gemsdale Photography

Elektra competing in agility January 2016 and loving flying through the weaves!

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