Leanne Oldham

photo by: Leanne Oldham

photo by: Leanne Oldham

photo by: Leanne Oldham

DNA tests- PRCD-PRA Hereditarily Clear
FN Hereditary Clear
Eye Unaffected by GPRA,CPRA
Eye G Unaffected
Clear Eye Certificate

We have a beautiful KC Registered Show Cocker Spaniel for stud, Oscar was born 29/04/10 Sire: Galibar Diablo of Cadavell who is a Flyball champion and has sired many healthy pups, Dam: Virginias Pride of Cadavell, microchipped, all vaccinations up to date. Oscar is an extremely handsome dog, his temperament is impeccable, coming from a long line of Show Cockers including Lynwater Silvery Moon and Lynwater Probability, he was a very good pup and has proven to be a very good young adult, I am sure his pups will carry on his good looks too.

Please feel free to view his pedigree: http://www.cockerspanieldatabase.info/pedigree.php?id=40011

Also Oscars full Kennel Club health test:

His Facebook page with many photos of past litters: https://www.facebook.com/Offered-For-Stud-Show-Type-Cocker-Spaniel-North-East-County-Durham-465882710237561/

Requirements for visiting bitches: KC REG ONLY, Should be in good health and up to date with vaccinations please bring this with you along with ownership documents, happy to travel to visit bitches, 2nd time free if unsuccessful.

Leanne Oldham
Offered For Stud Show Type Cocker Spaniel North East County

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