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Previous black/tan puppy

Previous black/tan puppy

'SPICE' typical harlequin bitch.

harlequin adult

harlequin adult

Black / tan puppy

Previous black/tan

Previous black/tan

Tri colour-'harlequin' puppy

Previous harlequin puppy

Previous harlequin puppy

Beauceron, herding dogs to be found listed in the pastoral group.
They are a very intelligent breed,loyal,loving and need that special owner with a good sense of humour.
I own 5 harlequin Beaucerons that are all family pets. Since they came off the import register in the summer of 2013 and now have Beauceron classes at major shows I show 2 bitches that I have bred myself. Both are doing very well. I have won 'top brood bitch 2014 & 15 with their mum Spice.
My dogs can be seen at Crufts on the discover dogs stand yearly where I love nothing better than to share my love of the breed.
All my Beaucerons have excellent hip score certificates and all hold current eye test certificates.
I am a kennel club assured breeder . I was part of the team that got together in 2009 and started the Beauceron breed club UK where I still hold the position of breed archivist and breed health co-ordinator.

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  • 25th April 2015 - Beauceron (Parents Health Tested)
  • 4th September 2013 - Beauceron (Parents Health Tested)
  • 25th June 2012 - Beauceron (Parents Health Tested)

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