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  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Lily wins CC & Best of Breed at Windsor 2013

Lily wins CC & Best of Breed at Windsor 2013

photo by: Jackie Smart

Callastaff Moon River, Best Puppy Windsor 2016

Callastaff Moon River, Best Puppy Windsor 2016

photo by: Linda McCulloch

Lily & Michelle

Lily & Michelle

Excerpt from an article published in the Stafford Magazine 2011, full article can be seen at:

When I and my wife-to-be, Michelle, went on our first date about 12 years ago, she was accompanied by Calla, her 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I remember telling a friend of mine ‘she has one of those tough little dogs that are in the news every now and then’. Little did I know, my love of the Stafford (and my wife for that matter) was just starting. I lived in London, during most of my twenties, and my experience of Staffords was limited to the Brixton area where I passed through each day on my way to college. I saw dogs, with studded collars, on the leads of young men hanging-out on street corners. I always gave them a wide berth. I guess I held the same mistaken notion of the ‘staffy’ as is unfortunately still prevalent in much of the media. How wrong I was. Since then, I have come to experience that these dogs are usually as it says in the standard for temperament ‘Bold, fearless, and totally reliable’, to which I would add terrific company, funny, and misunderstood. These days, I cross the road to say hello to a Stafford. I also get on my high horse, on occasion, in the face of anti-Stafford hostility, such as one jogger shouting ‘that’s a …… pit bull get it away from me’. In 2011, Calla died suddenly, aged 12, and I and my wife felt sadness, at a level we have seldom experienced. Eight years before, Calla had a litter of 5 bitches, whelped by my wife Michelle, whilst I was working abroad. Three years ago one of those bitches, owned by friends, had a litter and we had our second bitch Daisy – Calla’s grand-daughter (Daisy Flawless Diamond). On 20th Sept 2011, six weeks after Calla died, Daisy had a litter of five pups and one of those pups was lily (Callastaff Madame George). 4 years later Lily has had a litter of 7 pups, and we have our third bitch, Rosie (Callastaff Moon River).
We are Robert & Michelle Scotland, live in Harwell with our three beautiful L-2-HGA & HC Hereditary Clear staffords (Daisy, Lily & Rosie).

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