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Anne Rawlinson

Anne Rawlinson

Me at Crufts but this time the 'Judge'

A little bit of info about me :

I Trained at the world famous Vulcan poodle kennels, 1956 to 1958

I had the privilege of being trained by Shirley Walne in all aspects of looking after poodles including breeding, rearing, nutrition, showing, grooming, trimming and general welfare. I won junior handling awards. Shirley gave me the gift of the ‘Highla’ prefix on my graduation.

I was one of the first to complete the inaugural primary veterinary nursing exam.

I have worked closely with vets over the years and this experience has helped inform my approach to canine welfare as well as making me effective in the training of others. I have been asked for guidance by a number of vets new to practice as well as fellow breeders and kennel staff.

I believe it is important to keep up to date with things such as hereditary diseases and be open in sharing information. I have regularly attended seminars as well as presenting practical seminars, for example, on the Poodle Standard.

I have trained kennel staff in all aspects of managing breeding kennels and boarding kennels as well as clipping and trimming in relevant breeds.

I worked with the RSPCA in the 1960s to provide a blueprint for kennel design.

Lecturing at Moreton Morrell Agricultural Centre

I lectured at Moreton Morrell in the 1990s on animal management and elementary veterinary nursing.

The Poodle Club – elected committee member for fourteen years

The Standard Poodle Club – elected secretary from 1976 to 1986

I think it is important to play an active role as a committee member. I have also contributed to range of initiatives promoting dogs to the general public including being a volunteer on stands at Crufts.

I have bred and shown all three sizes of poodle. I have bred a number of champions including a silver miniature poodle champion in England (Ch. Highla Hallmark). I was fortunate to own the Cruffts Best of Breed wining Standard Poodle in 1990: Ch. Twintops Conversation Piece at Highla.

I have awarded challenge certificates in all sizes of poodle since 1978. I have undertaken many judging appointments in the UK and overseas.

I have owned successful breeding and boarding kennels for fifty years. My priority is the welfare of the dogs and thoughtful customer service including educating people to look after their dogs appropriately.

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