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My family has had poodles since before I was born, right back in the late

When I was born we already had a black miniature bitch, then we had a white toy called Tess. She soon became my dog, and a lifelong love of the poodle began.
I started showing in 1994, adding the Lhasa Apso to the poodle family in 2003. I firmly believe that dogs should definitely be "fit for function, fit for life" and with this in mind I have just joined the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme.

My first love is having the dogs as pets , I take them all out for regular
walks in the forestry tracks near where I live, and they are my constant
companions. We are lucky to have a small field so they have
lots of freedom and fun at home without being confined.

When I have puppies, I make sure that the parents are screened/DNA tested for the
hereditary eye problem Progressive Retinal atrophy, which could be a problem
in toy and miniature poodles, and Lhasa Apso. They are wormed four times before they go to
their new homes, and have their vaccinations and microchips. They are registered with
the Kennel Club. Prospective owners are questioned very carefully, anyone
who does not meet my requirements will not be allowed to have a puppy. Puppies
are sent to their new homes with a contract, signed and understood by the
new owner, detailing breeding and export restrictions, information on the
PRA screening, and an agreement that if the puppy is no longer suitable then
I must be informed so that I can take the puppy back if necessary.

to say, I am available for help and advice during the life of the puppy.

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