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Sh.Ch.Ryanstock Hallmark JW ShCM

Sh.Ch.Ryanstock Hallmark JW ShCM

photo by: Kevin Grewcock

This is 'Zeb' who is a totally relaxed Weimaraner.
He always loved his showing and was perhaps the easiest of male Weimaraners we have shown.
He always stood well up and moved with a lovely flowing action, driving from his lovely clean hocks.
He has retired from the ring now but makes a few outings in the veteran classes from time to time.
He is still a handsome fellow with a lovely balance to his outline, he also has very good muscle definition.

Zeb is either full on or full off. He can jump a fence with one spring from an ordinary standing position or he can remain resolutely attached to his bed on his back with his legs in the air.

Angie & Esme at work

Angie & Esme at work

photo by: Elaine Grewcock

This is our two current 'Field' workers.
Esme and her Mum Angie.
Both compliment each other well with Esme being full of drive and enthusiasm as you might expect in a young Weimaraner and Angie being steady, throrough and a calming influence on her daughter.

It is a picture to see the two working and supporting each other in their pursuit of game.

They are two of the best Weimaraners we have worked and show no fear of cover, they are very confident and work with great skill and intelligence.

Both has lovely temperaments and are a pleasure to take into the beater's bus with all the other dogs and people and they never let you down when invited out to other shoots.

This is just one of our 'Teams'

This is just one of our 'Teams'

photo by: Kevin Grewcock

'Team' is not just a word at 'Ryanstock'
We have had a team since the late 1970's.
All our dogs live in the home and they enjoy the same creature comforts that we have come to appreciate as owners.
Just as we enjoy a comfortable sofa then so do they.
Just as we like being warm in winter then they too share the central heating and two woodburners.
As we enjoy good food then we only feed them what we believe to be the best, with a few treats because we all like a treat now and again.

We have over the years enjoyed as many as 11 Weimaraners in the home to live with us, now we are down to 5 but are hoping to keep another puppy shortly.

Ryanstock Know-How JW

Ryanstock Know-How JW

photo by: Kevin Grewcock

'Esme' in her show pose.

Esme enjoyed a successful puppy / junior career and achieved a Junior Warrant.

She then moved into the working environment where she excels. Although not shown regularly now she will make odd appearances when we decide to have a family day out.

She still has much to learn in the field of work but has a lovely bright nature and is a willing spirit when it comes to learning anything new.

'Ryanstock Weimaraners'
Owners of Weimaraners for 40 years.
Successfully established the 'Ryanstock Team' of Weimaraners over that period.
Producing 5 homebred Show Champions
and many others with CC's & res. CC's. winners
11 Junior Warrant Winners
17 Stud Book Entrants
1 Sh.CM Winner
1 CD.ex , UD.ex Winner
Many others enjoying their heritage in working homes.
From only 12 litters which produced 72 puppies
We believe in Quality not Quantity
'Ryanstock' dogs have also been worked in the shooting field for all our period of ownership, something that we are proud to say continues to this day. We continue to provide lifetime help , training and support to all our puppy owners.

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