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Mr AK and Mrs MLB Ward
31 Sutton Wick Lane
OX14 4HH
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In Cumbria for Christmas 2010

In Cumbria for Christmas 2010

photo by: Kim Ward

Akwamar is a small Weimaraner kennel based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. We have long been admirers of this very special breed and have been owners for the last 25 years, our first being Czerseiger Lady in Red, aka Jazzy, who presented us with quite a challenge for most of her 14 years! We have had 11 superb litters, our first 2 from our beautiful Kalimor Kim, aka Maddie, who we were privileged to get from Tina Morris. We kept her first bitch puppy, Maddie May at Akwamar, aka Phoebe, who gave us 3 lovely litters of her own.
We then kept a bitch puppy from Phoebe’s last litter, Akwamar Delphinium Blue, aka Adelphi, but tragedy struck when she was 5 months old, when she was savaged by a GSD while out on a walk and never recovered. We were absolutely devastated by what had happened but Tina came to our rescue and let us have one of her very special puppies, Kalimor CanCan at Akwamar, aka Roxy, who has the most beautiful temperament we have ever known in a Weimaraner and is a stunning show girl in her own right. Roxy is also a qualified TDN dog (Therapy Dogs Nationwide), regularly visiting a local mental health organisation, RESTORE, for people on the road to recovery from mental health issues.
Roxy had her first litter in 2010 with the Dyer’s spectacular show dog, Sharnphilly Awesome, aka Finn, who had a similar laid back temperament to Roxy. We kept one of the puppies, Akwamar Oriel, and she won her first Minor Puppy class at Midlands Counties Champ Show in 2010. Oriel is also a qualified TDN dog. We were so pleased with that litter that we repeated the mating, with another spectacular litter arriving in June 2011. We used Lynne Danneau's amazingly handsome and laid back dog Logan (Ansona Gamekeeper at Aarranz) for Roxy's last litter in 2012 and were again rewarded with 8 beautiful puppies. So then it was Oriel's turn and she had her first litter, again using Logan, in 2013 and produced 7 gorgeous puppies. We repeated Oriel's mating in 2014 from which we kept a bitch puppy Akwamar Tamar, and then again for her final litter in 2015. We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders and members of the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain, the Weimaraner Association, and the North of England Weimaraner Society.

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