Richana Golden Retrievers

Mrs G A Keightley
11 Middlefield Close
NN14 4FH
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01933 623378

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  • Golden Retriever
Goldlyn Go Roaming to Richana

Goldlyn Go Roaming to Richana

photo by: G Keightley

Hip Score 5 - 5 Elbows 0 - 1
Clear eye test

Romy aged 22 months

Romy aged 22 months

photo by: G Keightley

As a family we have had Goldens since 1977. I began to show in 1990 and have been a little bit obsessed since then. I usually have a litter every two years and tend to keep a pup each time.
We now have 8 grandchildren 6 of which are under 6 years old so our dogs are very happy in the company of children. My young dog Romy has done extremely well in the show ring .

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