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Dalstorm Dalmatians

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We have been involved with dogs all our lives and more recently with Dalmatians. At Dalstorm we strive towards improving the health of Dalmatians and we breed only for health, temperament and function. We have the only male low uric acid (LUA) Dalmatian to enter the UK and with him and the two LUA bitches, Fiona and Sally we hope to make the first steps towards eliminating urate stone disease in Dalmatians. Please see my website for further information. Our dogs are much loved members of the family. They live active, happy lives and our only lightly shown. We offer lifelong support to the owners of our special puppies.

We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders and members of the British Dalmatian Club.

Stocklore Wizard of the Forrest

Stocklore Wizard of the Forrest "Merlin"

photo by: Elizabeth Sampson

Merlin is our low uric acid dog, who was lovingly bred by Dr Bob Schaible, American Geneticist, who started the Dalmatian Backcross Project in 1973. He is a beautifully constructed and balanced boy with lovely free movement and a gentle, loving nature. His parents are UKC Champions and he has already qualified twice for Crufts 2012.

He is BAER tested with bilateral hearing, as were all of his litter, hip and elbow scored and tests negative for the lemon gene.

He will be available at stud to approved bitches.

Hermella Vintage Rose at Dalstorm

Hermella Vintage Rose at Dalstorm "Rosie"

photo by: Elizabeth Sampson

Rosie is our first Dalmatian bitch and Jack's half-sister. She has a sweet and outgoing temperament, loving all people, children and adults alike.

She is BAER tested with bilateral hearing and she has been hip and elbow scored. We look forward eagerly to our first litter of LUA puppies from her.

Hermella's Captain Hook

Hermella's Captain Hook "Jack"

photo by: Elizabeth Sampson

Jack, our first Dalmatian and Rosie's half sister is the most loveable and loving dog we have ever owned. As he is neutered he will not be passing his genes on, but as Rosie shares his wonderful temperament, she will have to do that job for him.

Jack is BAER +/+

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