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Merlin'Evanpark Gandolf The GreyAmong Piratebears'

Merlin'Evanpark Gandolf The GreyAmong Piratebears'

photo by: Piratebears 2008

Our beloved Merlin has sadly left us aged almost 9 years.
The most gentle of souls, Merlin is greatly missed by all at PBHQ and all who knew him.

Piratebears on Holiday

Piratebears on Holiday

photo by: Piratebears 2008

Minnie Cruella and Merlin on holiday in Wales.
Our dogs are first and foremost pets, all of our holidays are geared around the dogs.

Minnie bringing a life ring to a drowning stranger

Minnie bringing a life ring to a drowning stranger

photo by: Piratebears 2008

Dover display 2009 - Minnie age 18 months

Darla 'Piratebears Flag Ship'

Darla 'Piratebears Flag Ship'

photo by: Piratebears 2008

Darla is Minnie's daughter. Our 4th born Pirate puppy.
Darla is now almost 3 & we are delighted with her.
She is spoilt rotten & her best friend is a small jack russell named Kevin who lives with us.

Look out for news on Darla early 2014!

Here at Piratebears we are a small family working kennel.

We keep all of our dogs in house as pets and believe strongly in encouraging the working aspects of the breed.

In order to breed sound Newfoundlands our aim is to use dogs with below average health results and calm loving temprements.

Please be aware when looking for a puppy that a health tested dog does by no way mean the dog is healthy. Please ensure you ask for the scores of both parents. Hips should be below breed Median of 15 , Elbows should be 0 and dogs should be Heart Doppler tested (males every 2 years) and at least 1 parent must be Cystinuria clear.

Minnie, our foundation bitch,is a very good working dog in both Water and draught with a willing to please temperament. Minnie was a fantastic mother to her 8 babies in 2011 and has now been speyed so she can continue her love for water work.

Our other Newfs,Cru'Ella (SNC's top working dog,top water dog & top draught dog 2009) and Merlin gave us the love we have for the breed. Cruella is still with us and going strong at the age of 11 1/4, Our beloved Merlin sadly left us in August 2013 age 8.

All our dogs live in house with our two children,4 cats, 5 guinea pigs and 17 chickens!

Our dogs are our fur children,and anyone having a puppy of ours is being accepted into our family - not something undertaken lightly! you will be home checked and vetted,and we expect you to do the same to us,this is a wonderful and rewarding breed which has changed our lives-and will yours.With eyes open it can be a fantastic experience which we will help and nurture,not a breed for the house proud.

Put off? No? give us a call or an email.

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