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Dorndek Delta at Dawn (Connie)

Dorndek Delta at Dawn (Connie)

Connie was my first Rough Collie and what a lovely little girl she turned out to be, she meant everything to me. She was super intelligent, gentle, kind, affectionate, one of a kind, she had a tough little life but this never deterred her from having fun with the others and living life to the full but sadly in August 2010 her little life ended very suddenly and I will never ever forget her, she has a place in my heart forever, sweet dreams my Connie Onnie.

Soroko Bonnie Lass at Aldredelie (Maisie)

Soroko Bonnie Lass at Aldredelie (Maisie)

Maisie is a just like a little teddy bear, cute, loves having cuddles, bought in 2004 from Soroko kennels in Edinburgh, she has a sweet expression, striking face, very affectionate, lovely markings and has produced some lovely stunning puppies in the past.

Aldredelie's Angel Dust

Aldredelie's Angel Dust

Peggy is a home bred girl, her nicknames are Peggy Pooper or Pooper (its not because she poops a lot, I have no idea why I call her this to honest) but she doesnt mind, she loves it nonetheless, she just loves to run, very strong minded, she is like my shadow, follows me everywhere, she is so affectionate, very loyal, a great companion. She has produced some amazing puppies in the past and look forward to breeding from her again.

Cara Mo Chroi To Aldredelie IKC

Cara Mo Chroi To Aldredelie IKC

Posy is just ACE, everyone loves Posy, she is excellent in mind, body and soul. She loves to play with you, loves to kiss you, wants nothing more than to please you, she loves being fussed and having her tummy tickled, you too will fall in love with Posy. She produces some amazing Blue Merle's, all lovely marked, super temperament..I have kept one of her daughters and she is now a proud grandma. She has a wonderful temperament and such a sweet natured girl, a joy to have around.

I only breed the Rough Collie, I am so very blessed and extremely lucky to have 9 of them living with us in our home and for them to be part of our life. I have litters in all the 3 colours throughout the year and I have over 30 years experience of the breed. I have a Council Breeders License and I am also an Assured Kennel Club Breeder.

My girls are all well behaved, they are walked everyday come rain or shine, are in excellent condition and are my life. The Rough Collie is a perfect companion, very loyal, very loving, kind, obedient, very fluffy and so very very soft. I believe a house isn't a home without a Rough Collie. Your life is complete when you have a Rough Collie in it.

All my puppies are lovingly home reared by me, KC Registered, Microchipped, Eye Tested at 7 weeks by a member of BVA, well socialised, Vet checked at birth and again @ 7 weeks, First Vaccine, I can also provide a Vet Health certificate, they are all born from good quality stock.

I look for good temperaments/healthy dogs/good characteristics/show quality when choosing my stud dogs and adhere to all rules set down by the KC.

My Affix ALDREDELIE comes from the Domesday Book and means Alderley which is where we live. Alderley Edge is a little village in the heart of the Cheshire countryside.

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