Hayley Lloyd

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  • Boxer
  • Bulldog

We are a small newly established kennel based in Preston, Lancashire

We breed for type, health and temperment.
We have over 25 years of experience with the Boxer breed. I've had Boxers all my life, we absolutley adore the breed. Our first Boxer was a gorgeous red girl called Tara, we lost Tara in 2001 aged 14. In November 2002 for my 9th birthday I was given a Boxer puppy, whom I named Holly, she and was great example of the boxer breed, she had an amaizing temperment. We sadly lost Holly in 2012, For years I wanted to get another boxer, eventually I got a red with black mask female Boxer called Poppy, Poppy is a typical bouncy boxer who loves everything and everyone. We resently fell in love with the British Bulldog I have always admired the breed. After doing our own research and talking to a few breeders we decided to look for a bulldog pup, a few weeks into our search we found a litter from a breeder in lancashire, we decied to buy the bitch, she has an amaising pedigree, she is called Milly and will be our foundation Bulldog bitch.



photo by: Hayley lloyd



photo by: Hayley Lloyd

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