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We are a small hobby/show home with the desire to breed and show fit and healthy bulldogs that are fit for function.

We have been in the breed for 8 years, thus have invaluable experience and an avid interest in the breed. Our dogs are health tested and we promote natural matings and self whelp. Don't believe what you hear; bulldogs can and DO mate naturally and give birth to litters naturally!

Becky is the Treasurer and an active Committe Member of the British Bulldog Club. Becky is also an active judge and is currently on the Bulldog Judging C List.

Outdoors Parker of Karbecabull

Outdoors Parker of Karbecabull

photo by: Karbecabull

Outdoors Parker of Karbecabull is our main show dog, who has been campaigned at Championship Show level. He has consistently been placed 1st to 3rd and has gained his Stud Book Number Award, in which he is Crufts Qualified for Life.

Eastenders Essex Girl at Karbecabull

Eastenders Essex Girl at Karbecabull

photo by: Karbecabull

Eastenders Essex Girl at Karbecabull had a fantastic day at Crufts 2016, where she was placed 1st in her class and then went on to win the Reserve Best Bitch Challenge Certificate in Breed. (NB - For those not familiar with showing, she was awarded 2nd Best Bitch in breed out of 126 entered bitches on the day).

She has now qualified for Crufts for life and gained her Stud Book Number award.

She holds the following health tests:

SILVER Bulldog Breed Council Health Certificate (1 of only 46 bulldogs in the whole country to achieve this accolade), which comprises of the Bronze test plus a Putnam score of 0/0 meaning she has no patella issues, plus no adverse tails issues.

BRONZE Bulldog Breed Council Health Certificate, which comprises of excellent breathing, no eye issues, no heart or spine issues.

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) Tested with Cambridge University - PASSED

HUU Tested (urate stones)

She is an excellent example of the breed, fitting the Bulldog standard and type, but most importantly, being an exemplary figure of health and fit for functionality.

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  • 20th December 2014 - Bulldog (Parents Health Tested)
  • 3rd July 2014 - Bulldog (Sire Health Tested)


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