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Doris and Amy

Doris and Amy

All cosy in bed

All cosy in bed

at a show

at a show

For 10 years I was the principal trainer with a local obedience club and we regularly tested for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme in our local area and several times we were awarded by the local council for promoting responsible dog ownership in the community, we have gained a lot of experience with dogs of all breeds and enjoy helping others with all the advice we can offer.
I was brought up in a busy household of children and animals, I was 15 when I had my first dog of my own and have never been without one since, I love the company of my dogs.
After showing Labradors for approx 10 years we decided to have a smaller dog more suitable to being a household companion and needing less exercise etc.
We decided on the Pug because they are chunky, cobby, short haired dogs, with great charm, dignity and intelligence being of an even temper, happy and with a lively disposition.
Our Pugs live in the house with us, are family pets first and foremost and show dogs second, they all have excellent temperaments and live together.
I have found Pugs to be lovely companions wanting to be with you as much as possible they enjoy a short walk and some free running time in a safe area, my Pugs go out every day weather permitting to have some fun. They are a very mischievous little dog but I have laughed every day since owning Pugs at the antics they get up to, if ever I feel stressed/tense within minutes of being with them you can't help but laugh.

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  • 18th February 2017 - Pug

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