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Daltdach's Espresso Jeffery

Daltdach's Espresso Jeffery

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Ask And It's Done Of Daltdach

Ask And It's Done Of Daltdach

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Mumuland's Tammy Wynette

Mumuland's Tammy Wynette

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Welcome to Mumuland (pronounced "Moo Moo Land") the orginal home of Daltdach Boston Terrier's, We are a small kennel now located near Boston in the East of England, and are fully UKAS inspected Kennel Club Assured hobby breeders of Boston Terrier's, who's prioity is breeding happy, healthy puppies who are of good temperament and sound in body that is closely inkeeping with the breed standards set by Kennel Club.

Daltdach Kennels was started by us (Paul and Jo) who began breeding Miniature Dachshunds in 2001 when they lived in East Kent and then from 2010 onwards Boston Terrier's under the kennel affix Daltdach. By which time we had relocated to South Gloucestershire near Bristol. However after a foolish decision at the beginining of 2012 in which we shared our Daltdach affix with another breeder who did not share our commitment or passion, we were left no other option but to abandon our former affix and start a fresh with a new one... Our new joint affix "Mumuland" was granted in March 2013 and all future puppies bred by us since March 2013 have had our new affix of "Mumuland" in thier KC name.

In May 2012 family circumstances forced us to have to move again, so we took the oportunity to relocate to a more rural setting and found a wonderful family home near to Boston in Lincolnshire where we could continue our carefull breeding programme. Our aim in breeding Boston Terrier's is to contribute to ensuring that the breed continue to improve, develop and progress in such a way that is not detromental to the health of an animal or to the breed itself, and to help ensure that the beautiful charactoristics of the Boston Terrier continues for many generations to come.

First and foremost all of our dog's are our family pets and all live in the house with us, they live life to the full and are very much loved members of our family, they are no way in any shape or form breeding machines. We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders and also registered with the 'Dog Breeders Association'. Amongst our dogs, we currently own three Boston Terrier stud dogs: Ask And It's Done of Daltdach, Daltdach's Espresso Jeffery, and Aureadicta Large Glory For Mumuland who are all available for Stud Duties, and we have several Boston Terrier's girls. All puppies are reared at home with the utmost care and attention and given a huge amount of love and affection, so they leave us well socialised and confident which ensures that they are ready to give a lifetime of love to their new owners.

Our puppies leave us from 8 weeks of age having been raised within our family home, microchipped, wormed and fully socialised with children and other dogs where they can become accustomed to general household noises and family activities. Every puppy comes with a full comprehensive puppy pack including a bag of puppy food, which they have been weaned on, a full booklet of health and worming records and written advice, a comfort blanket, and other useful training products and toys which are suitable for your new family member, as well as their Kennel Club registration papers, 5 Generation Pedigree, Puppy Sales Contact and free Insurance, plus a lifetime of support and advice from ourselves if needed.

We are fully committed to producing healthy dogs and all of our Boston Terrier's who are not 'hereditary clear' have been DNA eye tested and are clear of the Gene that causes Early Onset Hereditary Cateracts (HC-HSF4) as well as being BVA eye tested for later onset HC regularly. Therefore we are proud of the fact that all past and all future Boston puppies will be born Herediatary Clear of JHC and their parents screened for HC. We are also committed to doing the following health checks on our dogs: Putnam Patella Testing, & Heart Testing to ensure the puppies we produce have the best chance of being born healthy.
Our reputation as breeders has been built on trust and honesty over many years and we pride ourselves on being being friendly and approachable aswell as knowledgeable about our chosen breed. We believe you never stop learning and can always learn more and improve on what you have and what you are doing, therefore we are always striving for excellence and to do the best we can for our chosen breed and the puppies we are responsible for bringing into the world, this involves constant research and anyalsis of the dogs we own and breed, Therefore we are always available for help and advice to everyone with an interest in Boston Terrier's, so whether you are an experianced owner looking for a new puppy, or a first time dog owner researching into the right breed for you or your family, or an experianced or inexperianced breeder looking for a stud dog or new line, we are always willing to share our experiance and knowledge with you and will always give you honest advice and do our best to help and advise you where we can.

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