Paul Martin
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Breeders of:

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Bullmastiff

I have been around dogs all my life and became serious about Labradors over 30 years ago.
I have bred trained and worked Labradors in all sorts of shooting fields from Grouse Moor to Wildfowling and formal Pheasant shoots.
We have a small private kennel which produces sound very trainable gundogs with the Cambrian affix.
These dogs, either puppies or part trained dogs have gone all over the UK and Northern Ireland to new homes. Usually these homes are shooting homes but the puppies also make very trainable family companions.
Many of the puppies have gone on to do well in the Field and in Field Trails.
Over the 30 years some people have returned to buy 3 or even 4 dogs as they like the line so much.
We have kept in touch with many of the new owners and have not had any reported problems with hereditory health issues.
We have always retained a house dog(s) which act as a family companion and guard and also a Kennel guard.
Over the last few years we have been introduced to the BullMastiff by good friends of ours from Joybull Kennels.
We now have several Bull Mastiffs who are gentle giants with a protective side if they feel that anything is wrong.
These Bull Mastiffs are excellently bred being from the well known Graecia Kennels/Joybull, and I see a great similarity to the Labrador in temperament.
Our aim is to continue to produce stock which is typical of the breed(s), of sound temperament and free from hereditary deseases, and of course, trainable.

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