Flyenpyg is a small kennel based in Lancaster.
I pride myself in having fit and happy dogs and living right next to the beach provides us with all the exercise we could ever need.
I am an Assured Breeder that takes full advantage of the health tests available to me.
My dogs have great temperaments and I am proud of their obedience, agility and show achievements as well as the fact that they've all achieved at least their bronze good citizen certificate and 4 have their Gold.
First and foremost, my dogs are pets and they live inside with me much to the detriment of my cleaning regime!
If you have any questions about my Labradors and are considering living with a Flyenpyg, please feel free to ring for a chat.

Caroline Smith
Flyenpyg Labradors at Lead the Dog

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  • Labrador Retriever

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  • Field Spaniel

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