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I have kept and bred working dogs for most of my life and had working labradors for the last 25 years.
I lived in Scotland for a few years where a working lab, a springer and a terrier were commonplace in almost every household. I have always believed a labrador should be a dual purpose dog, fit for both the showring and work. To this end I breed black and chocolate and mix both disciplines to obtain a medium size lab with both beauty and brains. Most of the puppies I have bred are family pets but it is just as important that they are correct even if they never enter a showring or work on a shoot.
I strive to keep the chocolate colour dark by breeding back to black and avoiding yellow.

I only have a small number of dogs and they are all much loved family pets. When I have a litter of puppies they are born and raised indoors with lots of handling, love and cuddles and I give help and support throughout the puppy's life.

I am a Kennel Club Assured Breeder, all of my dogs are hip scored, elbow scored and eye tested, Kizzy and Connie are both Optigen prcd-PRA clear (by hereditary.. both their sires tested A Normal).

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