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  • Golden Retriever
The start of things-Gemma, Amirene Royalty

The start of things-Gemma, Amirene Royalty

Gemma at her prime looking regal as her kennel name suggests.

First generation-Sheber, Gemma & Rose

First generation-Sheber, Gemma & Rose

Amirene Royalty, center with her 2 daughters. On the left Golden Sheber and Yorkshire Rose of Swainby on the right

Second generation-Sheber, Esther & Rose

Second generation-Sheber, Esther & Rose

Esther,Laybruyere Pure Genevieve in the middle. Left Golden Sheber and right Mum Yorkshire Rose of Swainby

Esther's litter 2006

Esther's litter 2006

Jessie, Laybruyere Lady Foxglove second on the right, in her favourite position just before she scaled the pen and escaped

I started with my first Golden Retriever Gemma in 1992 when I bought Amirene Royalty from Margaret Woods and what a dog she was. In 1997, when I met my wife who was also a seasoned dog lover like me, we let Gemma have a litter with Margaret Hendersons Wayne, Marjamez MidnightCowboy at Westervane. We had 6 beautiful puppies and because my wife and I couldnít decide which one to keep we ended up with 2. One of which we still have today Rose, Yorkshire Rose of Swainby. Unfortunately we lost her sister sheber last year and we were devastated to lost her so early as Gemma had lived until she was 14 and a half. Currently we have Roseís daughter, Esther; Labruyere Pure Genevieve, who is 7 and her daughter Jessie, Labruyere Lady Foxglove who is 4.We currently have 4 generations of Labruyere dogs. Again we went back to Margaret Henderson and used one of her dogs Alibren Best Mate to Westervane.
Our Affix name Labruyere, meaning the heather in French, was registered in 2002 and came about from my French mother influence and the beautiful surrounding North Yorkshire Moors which our dogs love so much.
All our dogs (bitches only) are family pets first and foremost. They all live in the house and generally rule the roost. We have only had 4 litters previous to Jessieís in 18 years. We are always been very careful in selecting a good mate by seeking advice from other well respected breeders. We did try and show our first puppies Rose and Sheber but due to work commitments we werenít able to continue to pursue this hobby.
All our dogs have an excellent temperament especially with children. Jessie and Esther have grown up with our 2 children of 7 and 4 so are well used to having tails pulled and being sat on! And they have never reacted in fact they love the attention.
We will want to satisfy ourselves that any prospective owner is suitable for of one of our pups and will want to know a lot of information about the person and home. So donít be alarmed at questions we may ask. We always want to keep in touch with our dog owners and encourage them to call and see us and send us pictures (we still keep in touch with one of our first pup owners regularly)
We have just applied to be an accredited breeder but have always tried to follow the requirements anyway. All prospective owners must come and see the pups in their home environment and see the pupís Mum, Jessie , Grandma, Esther and Great Grandma, Rose.
All our dogs are hip scored and eye tested with all hip scores being 12 or below.

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