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South Yorkshire
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  • Bullmastiff

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  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Our New addition imported from Croatia

Our New addition imported from Croatia

photo by: Kerry Young



photo by: Dan Kyp

Drina 16 months

Drina 16 months

photo by: K Young

Ozzie at 5 years

Ozzie at 5 years

photo by: K Young

We are a small kennel located in South Yorkshire. All of our dogs live in the home with us, they do not live in kennels, they share our sofa's and a couple of them even try and share our bed!!!

The Kennel name Staxonoby derived from the 2 old boys Saxon and Toby who are much loved family pets. Everything I have learned and progressed with over the last 10 years has been because of these two boys, they have taught me more than I could ever imagine and they continue to do so everyday. Every day with them is a blessing.

I enjoy showing my dogs in the UK but I do not take it too seriously. My main passion lies in having healthy dogs that have excellent temperaments. Any breeding plans have this as the main focus as well as ensuring that dogs are bred according to the breed standard for the Bullmastiff. Fit for function is something that is a major factor when breeding dogs. When breeding we do not look to the most popular dog of the moment. We look at what is a good match for our bitch and hope to improve on the things that the bitch is lacking and vice versa.

All of my dogs live well together and enjoy pack walks and pack cuddles on the sofa more than anything else! The oldies keep the youngsters in check teaching them manners and rules. We currently have 8, my 2 old boys Saxon and Toby, my rescue BM Sam as well as Ozzie, Drina, Charlie, Drake and his gorgeous daughter Bey.

Before breeding any of my dogs, health tests will be carried out. This includes heart testing, hip and elbow scoring and thyroid testing. I will never breed from a dog that I do not believe has the correct temperament for the breed. A Shy or fearful dog would remain purely as a pet, never to be bred from. There are too many shy, fearful bullmastiffs around today.
My aim is to get the temperament right whilst using health tested dogs that have low COI's.

I am a 'natural' breeder/dog owner. My dogs are all fed on raw meat and vegetables. We rarely use conventional medicine for treating any minor health problems and prefer to use a holistic vet. We use exercise and food to keep the dogs healthy and we always keep to a strict routine to avoid unnecessary stresses to them (and us!)The dogs have just over an acre to fee run in as well as having miles and miles of fields and woods surrounding.


We breed VERY rarely and on the occasion that we do; we breed because we want a puppy for ourselves. We prefer our puppies to go to homes where the dogs are pets, show homes are not the top of our priority. All owners of puppies become part of our family and we want a relationship with the people who have any of our pups. Not just because we want to keep up to date on their escapades and be part of their lives but also because their health and well being is paramount to any future breedings.
We do not home puppies outside of the UK and our pups/dogs are not to be bred from. As breeders all puppies are endorsed and are contracted, we offer lifetime support to all owners and their pups and if for some reason the pup/dog can no longer stay with the owner all dogs/pups must be returned to me as the breeder. Every puppy that is bred by myself will always be a part of our family including puppies sired by any of our studs. Please do not just email asking for available puppies as these emails will be ignored. Expect many questions and many more questions after that!

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