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Pugglemania Black for Good

Pugglemania Black for Good

photo by: H Linnett

Raymond, after winning another 'Best Puppy in Breed' in his last puppy class.

Head study,beautiful unexaggerated wrinkle

Head study,beautiful unexaggerated wrinkle

Head study showing his beautiful balanced head without any undesireable exaggerations of heavy nose roll or protruding eyes.

Pugglemania Black for Good, (Raymond). We are so proud of Raymond, at just a year old he has won numerous best puppy in breed awards and toy group wins. He has qualified for Crufts 2013. He is a very correctly constructed young male, with beautiful head workings, but without any exaggeration in eyes or over nose wrinkle (as per new K.C breed standard). He has a super character and wonderful temperament. He is Hemivertebrae screened clear, we are currently awaiting DNA colour coat testing results. Available at stud to K.C Registered Pugs.

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