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Absela Echo Endo ( Kohl with grandchildren )

Absela Echo Endo ( Kohl with grandchildren )

BH, AD, SchH3, Kkl1, Hips ‘A Normal’, ‘Elbows A Normal’, DNA Tested, Haemophilia Clear, BVA Hips ‘Total 9’

Absela Echo Endo (Kohl) V6 at Dutch Sieger Show

Absela Echo Endo (Kohl) V6 at Dutch Sieger Show

Absela Echo Endo on a very hot day at the Dutch Sieger Show after winning V6 grading.



Kohl at play with his best friend

Kohl in the snow having a rest from playing ball.

Kohl in the snow having a rest from playing ball.

Our kohl just loves to play

Today I am a Kennel Club Assured Breeder and have been inspected by the Kennel Club and passed. I have always been an animal lover, so my mother tells me but my passion for German Shepherd Dogs (for that is what it is) started at a very young age when my mother would tell me stories about my fathers shepherd Lassie, (I know). She was a pretty wonderful dog by all accounts, if the stories are to be believed and I thought that one day I would have my very own German Shepherd dog and so the love affair began. I decided that one day I would breed these wonderful animals, to the breed standard and not for any fashion or fad of the show ring also that I would go to the ends of the earth (not literally) to use or buy the right animal, not like most who would only use a local dog, I have never thought of profit only of the good of this loyal and noble breed.

I started like most with a pet some fourty oddyears ago. I tried obedience and agility and that was amazing. From there I progressed into breeding and showing and have had quite some success in the show ring. I might have had more but I am not the type of person to conform and lower my standards. I have seen very unsound animals gaining the title of champion over the years, bitches that look like foxes and dogs that look like bitches, all done as favours for favours but I suppose this is life so whatever honest people are left in the breed must battle on for the good of the breed.

All our dogs are tattooed or microchipped hip and elbow scored breed surveyed and DNA tested and our males are haemophilia tested. They are 100% top German bloodlines second to none and have shutzhund titles. We travel to the continent to introduce new blood lines and I do believe that we were one of the first to use the UK pet passport. Our dogs have temperaments and characters to die for, which is the most important thing to know when purchasing a puppy. We are trained microchippers and microchip all our puppies. We are very proud of our dogs all my dogs are my pets and I love them all dearly, whether in the ring or out.

I have had such fun with Absela Echo Endo (Kohl) he has a RCC and a stud book no both here and in Germany he is a multiple Champion Show winner and has won multiple best of breeds at open show level, but the high light for me was when he was placed V6 at the German Sieger Show and was used at stud on the continent.

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