Richard & Rosemary Alexander

Richard & Rosemary Alexander

Breeders of:

  • Bearded Collie
Tess at rest!

Tess at rest!

photo by: TESS@RJA20101

A very active Beardie at rest.

In the Hills

In the Hills

photo by: TESS@RJA20102

Tess likes the Hills, but also likes to be with company!

Our name are Rosemary & Richard Alexander, & we live on the edge of the Peak District. We have both owned a variety of dogs including Golden Retrievers, Boxers, Airdales & '57 Varieties!' Cats have also been great company since childhood for both of us.

Our interest in Bearded Collies started when we went jogging & regularly saw 2 dogs which had such enthusiasm & a 'Love of Life'. We promised ourselves that when we retired we would enjoy such an outdoor dog in our lives. Tess, our Beardie, has lived up to all expectations, daily walks of 4 - 6 miles, long distance hikes & mountain climbs. Also mountain bike rides too. Our dog is always taken on holiday with us when in this country & is very adaptable. When we stay at friends she is very welcomed too!

We take our dogs health seriously & have a good relationship with our Veterinary practice. When we decided to breed with her, her health was paramount, & that she was very healthy & she had a very good Hip score too.

At 3 years old Tess was at an ideal age for motherhood. At Christmas Day she became an ideal first time mum.

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