Miss Elizabeth Beaumont
Bockleton House
Stoke St Milborough
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Breeders of:

  • Australian Shepherd

Owners of:

  • German Shepherd Dog
  • Siberian Husky
Myself with Rosco and Chevy

Myself with Rosco and Chevy

photo by: Joseph Clark

Goosecreek Kennels are a small kennels in the heart of south Shropshire with our dogs enjoying several different canine activities.
My first dog was an English Springer Spaniel bought in 1975 when l first started at University. Since then l have also owned & trained Rough Collies, Belgian Shepherds, German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, Siberian Huskies & Working Sheepdogs.

Starting with Obedience & Agility, l moved into the world of Working Trials & during the summer months as a member of a dog demonstration team in Hereford.
Most of my dogs have been able to multi-task. My Tervuren did Working Trials, Obedience, Agility & an ATB course in Stockwork. Likewise my Groenendael started in Breed, but also competed in Obedience & Working Trials.
I started racing in 1996 when my second Siberian arrived. She, together with my Gronendael used to compete in the 2-dog races.
My first Australian Shepherd, Brynelen Banoffee Pie, arrived in 2001 & apart from being my constant companion she has trained for Search & Rescue, works the sheep and has done well in a limited showing career.
I am an Associate of the BIPDT, a KC Assured Breeder, a member of Mountain Rescue and SARDA (South Wales) & currently working towards my KCAI.

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