Sue Robinson

I have been breeding Top, Chunky, Show, Labrador puppies for 20 years. PEOPLE HAVE NOW COME BACK TO ME 3 TIMES FOR 3 GENERATIONS OF LABRADOR PUPPIES ! I get a great deal of satisfaction, when new owners of my puppies take home a bundle of love & joy to replace a dear friend they have lost. I continue to keep in touch & some owners become good friends.
The first bitch that I bred was Alkarin Andrea (Holly),she died 7 years ago at the grand old age of 15 years. She came from the CORNLANDS line (the sire was Cornlands Royal Flight). Her daughter Angel was bred with CH. CORNLANDS WELLINGTON 3 times & I kept a bitch from each litter.

I carried on using the Cornlands kennels for its stud dogs, untill the death of Mrs Peggy Rae the founder 7 years ago. So all of my bitches are related to that line.

I have both light yellow,chocolate and black Labrador bitches & a yellow stud dog. All my Labradors live in the house being part of the family. They have a wonderful temperament and are a great companion.

Sue Robinson
Bury St Edmunds
01284 764310
07776 401050

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