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077 696 82 494
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Okera Born to be Wild

Okera Born to be Wild

I was once told that
'we do not own the Schnauzer breed, we are merely a care taker and during our time of keeping we must do our up most for the Schnauzer. We must make the right choices to keep the Schnauzer strong and healthy, with temperament and construction in mind ready for the next generation of care takers. The breed will be around for a lot longer than we will'

I have been showing Schnauzers since 1999 and have experience in all 3 sizes of schnauzer more so the standard and the giant.

The schnauzer has stolen my heart and has taken pride of place in my home. My first Schnauzer, Champion Ruanco Regina Rex took her title in 2004. A beautiful dog and a joy to live with.

My dogs are pets first and are all lovingly home bred. I don't breed often but when i do i put every effort into rearing sound puppies with temperament and construction in mind. All my puppies are socialised and will have completed a full worming program.

As a member of the Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme, new owners will receive a 'Puppy Wallet' with all details of your new family member, including information about his breed, feeding routines training etc. You will also be given an amount of puppy food and essential equipment, such as feeding bowl and collar etc.

Feel free to email me at any time for information on the breed or with puppy inquiries, when enquiring for a puppy please add some information about yourself, your lifestyle and why a schnauzer?

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