Nosam Nightingale

Nosam Nightingale

photo by: Sandra Mason

Nosam Mystique In Blue

Nosam Mystique In Blue

photo by: Lynn Kipps

Nosam Puppies

Nosam Puppies

photo by: SHD

Situated in South Lincolnshire I have owned golden retrievers since the early 1980s and started showing not long afterwards. All my dogs are companions first before they are show dogs and my life revolves around them. All my goldens have done well at Championship and Open show level. Lukali Loyalty To Nosam was the first of my goldens to obtain a SGWC he also has his bronze KC Good Citizen Award and gained places in local obedience competition.

Temperament is very important to me in my dogs and when breeding. My dogs are hip/elbow scored and eye examined.

I also have pointers Barryann Hoodlum Among Nosam and Penwest Plover Among Nosam.

Sandra Mason
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