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Nr Ely
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Breeders of:

  • Whippet
  • Basset Hound
My foundation bitch Elaphine Elley

My foundation bitch Elaphine Elley

photo by: Philip Matthews-Brown

Houndsbay Donatello

Houndsbay Donatello

photo by: Donna Saunders

Wayhead Whippets have been founded on stock bred by my good friend Sally Fuller-Lewis of Elaphine kennels and so the pedigree can be traced back to her foundation stock over 40 years ago. They have always been bred for soundness and excellent gentle temperaments from show lines, which makes them so suited as first class pets.
All of our Whippets live in the home and are very much part of the family. Likewise any puppies that we produce are also home reared to make them well adjusted to continue living as a member of the family. Our aim is to produce good quality sound puppies with wonderful temperaments and of the correct desired height. We are members of the KC Assured breeders scheme.
Bassets joined us in 2009 and we have enjoyed every minute with this lovable breed. Our "star"Houndsbay Donatello joined us in 2010 and has had remarkable success in the show ring.
Unfortunately I don't have the time to show my dogs that often but enjoy some success and usually manage to qualify something for Crufts.
For reference we live near Ely in Cambridgeshire only 20 minutes drive from Cambridge.

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