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Marli,Crikey,Samson,Kizzie & Sophie heading home

Marli,Crikey,Samson,Kizzie & Sophie heading home

photo by: Anthony Maidment

Sophie, Kizzie, Crikey, Samson & Marli all have excellent temperaments, are first and foremost family pets, we show kizzie, Crikey & Samson but at the end of the day they are our Champions, Jazmin hadn't been born when this picture was taken.

All six of our dogs are very much part of our family.

Cor my paws are cold (Kizzie February 2009)

Cor my paws are cold (Kizzie February 2009)

photo by: Anthony Maidment

Kizzie - Hilsgolden Lady in Disguise Feb 2009

Kizzie was born in April 2006 to Sophie (Alasken Orchid)

she has a hip score of 5 - 6 and clear eyes (March 2013 - March 2014) she has got a lovely temperament which has been passed onto her from her mum Sophie and dad Oliver.

Crikey enjoying the snow with his favourite Duck

Crikey enjoying the snow with his favourite Duck

photo by: Anthony Maidment

Catcombe Crikey at Hilsgolden (Crikey) Feb 2009

Crikey came to us last March 2008, and now we can't imagine life here at Hilsgolden without him, he has such a lovely character and is a very loving dog indeed,

Crikey's Hip score is 6 - 6 and clear eyes (March 2013 - 2014 )

If you wish to use him at stud then please contact us, as yet he is unproven.

a new edition Jazmin /Hilsgoldens Pretty in  Pink

a new edition Jazmin /Hilsgoldens Pretty in Pink

photo by: Anthony Maidment

Jazmin - Hilsgoldens Pretty in Pink

Jazmin was born in March 2011 to Kizzie and her
Hip score is 5 - 3 = 8 and clear eyes (March 2013 - 2014)Jazmin has a lovely temprement and loves to play and interact with the children as is the same with all our furbabies

We live in a quiet North Dorset Market Town, and never far from lovely walks, with the coast about an hour away, we have 3 lovely Goldies our first Goldie is Sophie (Alasken Orchid at Hilsgolden) she is from the Denmarella Line, we have had her since she was 8 weeks old in 2003 she is such a lovely girl loves being with the children and loves her walks,we bred her with Oliver (Shazeldon Love me Tender at Tannadice) and she had a litter of 5 puppies we kept one which is our Kizzie (Hilsgolden Lady in Disguise) she was born in 2006 she also loves being with the children and loves to go to the shows . Crikey(Catcombe Crikey at Hilsgolden) joined us last year , he was born in 2007 and loves to carry his toys around in his mouth i suppose you could say he always carries one around and often ends up cuddling one of his toys to go to sleep. He is such a character he loves it when the grandchildren come round. Crikey is learning what to do in the showring and really enjoys it, all our beauties live with us in the house, they each have their own beds but often all cuddle up together, they also like to snuggle up on our settees after all we are one big happy family

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