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Kesi (Spera Brescia Beretta of Montegrino)

Kesi (Spera Brescia Beretta of Montegrino)

This photo was taken on the Pentland Hills during training. Our first beautiful flatcoat, Kesi who was my foundation bitch now no longer with us sadly. She was such a sweet-natured girl who was very willing to work and loved to please. She was the brains of the bunch!

You couldn't wish for a better natured bitch.

I will always treasure her memory in my heart - a true and loyal friend xx

Our beautiful girls

Our beautiful girls

photo by: Linda Russell Photography

The girls .....from left to right Skye, Millie, Sorrel and Kesi.

This photo taken just before I lost Kesi and Millie within 3 weeks of each other in November 2015. A very sad time for me.



photo by: Linda Russell Photography

My beautiful Skye, a show girl with attitude!

I love this beauty to bits. She is such a Princess. She loves to carry various objects and parades around in style.

She would make a good gundog apart from her love of rabbit chasing!!



Sorrel, my youngest. A very elegant bitch with a kind nature. She is from Millie's second litter of 12. A real character, fun -loving and full of life.

My husband bought me my first Flatcoat, Kesi as a softener for moving from my home in Surrey to Scotland in 2006 on his Army posting! She came from an excellent line of Spera Flatcoats bred by Shirley De Robbio in Ayrshire.
Having successfully bred six litters of Flat-coated Retrievers, I have produced some really lovely pups. Some were chosen as family pets and others have done quite well in the show ring, some are working dogs, but most importantly they have gone to fabulous homes and are well loved.

After delivering & rearing (to 8 weeks anyway) a grand total of 62 puppies over the past 10 years I can say that I do have a passion for this breed! I am now a Kennel Club Assured Breeder.

My daughter Rachael, who is a Vet is also converted to loving this breed and her dog Spencer has joined the home team!

I currently have just two Flatcoated Retriever bitches, Skye and Sorrel.

My dogs live in the house although we own a Boarding Kennels now in Staffordshire called Quintessential Quarters ( I love to train our flatcoats to retrieve although since moving to Staffordshire and owning the business, my time is limited for this hobby. I love a day out shooting to see the dogs work.

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