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  • Golden Retriever

We are a small kennel based in Northumberland. We have been in the breed since 1986 when our first goldies, Amy (Fernavy Narnia) and Bertie came from the kennel, Fernavy

We began our show ring life with Abby (Hawksmoor Moonflower) who came from the kennel, Hawksmoor.

We breed only the occassional litter, aiming to maintain excellent temperament and health. Our dogs all have their hips scored and eyes tested before breeding.

Our dogs live as part of the family sharing our home and our 18 acre farm.

Some of our dogs are lightly shown, any success in the ring is a bonus to the love and enjoyment that our dogs give us.

In the past we have shown and bred stock that has made it to CRUFTS. We had the privilage of taking Eve (Garbank Lislone In a Dream) to 2010 CRUFTS. We did not get placed, however we were over the moon to have qualified.

Abbey - Foundation Bitch R.I.P

Abbey - Foundation Bitch R.I.P

This is Abbey (Hawksmoor Moonflower) she was our foundation bitch.

Sadley we lost her in 2007 due to her age. She was one of a kind! We nicknamed her 'Nanna' from the Grandmother - 'Nana' in the popular tv sitcom The Royals.

She gave us 2 great litters with stock that made it to CRUFTS.

Eve - Garbank Lisone In a Dream

Eve - Garbank Lisone In a Dream

Eve is a stunning bitch. Brought in from the kennel, Garbank Lislone.

We call her Evie Pie, her kennel name is Garbank Lislone in a Dream. She is 3 years old and pale gold in colour. Very feminine bitch and a natural in the show ring. In 2009 we qualified her for CRUFTS 2010 and unfortunatly we were not placed.

She loves being outside or up the shed helping our daughter feed the horses. Eve is her shadow, where our daughter is, Eve is not very far behind. She is so loyal and obedient. Great at giving you a paw, even when you don't ask for it!

Harry - Garline Down To Earth

Harry - Garline Down To Earth

Harry is homebred and aged 10 years old with a kind and sweet nature.

Harry is our gentle giant.
We have used Harry to sire some of our litters as he has excellent pigment and bone stucture.

Duncan - Garline All The Aces

Duncan - Garline All The Aces

Duncan was bred from our very own Connie and Harry. He belongs to a great friend of ours who is part of the show scene also. Duncan has been placed in almost every show he has been to which is fantastic!

Duncan is full of character and never fails to entertain us. He is built with fabulous bone and has a great head.

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