Nicky and Ali Stainsby-Soanes
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Carlton Colville
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  • German Shorthaired Pointer
L-R Neo, Rosie Kali and Faith

L-R Neo, Rosie Kali and Faith

We had our first GSP (Rosie) in 1997 and bred our first litter in 1999. We now have 5 GSP's.

Our dogs are an excellent foundation on which to build our kennel as all have excellent temperaments and are very biddable, which I feel is an essential quality in any German Shorthaired Pointer.

Our line is highly adaptable and we have some of the dogs we've bred being successfully worked and trialed and our dogs have had some good results in the show ring. Their wonderful temperaments and biddable nature means that they also make wonderful family pets.

Chillin on their sofa

Chillin on their sofa

Our dogs are all very much part of the family and all live indoors with us, so our home is a glorified kennel, albeit a posh kennel with a leather sofa for the dogs to sprawl out on! They love nothing more than laying on top of us when we're trying to relax! We always end up with a blanket of GSP's!

All of our dogs adore children and are very gentle and tolerant with them.
We breed the occasional litter and all of our puppies are raised in the home. They are treated the same as our adult dogs who are all very much part of the family. We offer full support throughout the puppies lifetime and new owners must sign a contract stating that if at any time they are no longer able to care for the dog it comes back to us. Our puppies are very important to us even when they are fully grown.



All of our GSP's have gained the Kennel Club Good Citizen awards with Willow and Faith having gained the Gold award and Kali gaining her Bronze award at just 16 weeks old. All of our dogs have a very willing nature, are quick to learn (not always what we want them to) and always want to please us.
Mildred also does agility, which she loves.

GSP's are an infectious breed and often once you've lived with a GSP you won't ever want a different breed. We adore our dogs and the breed in general.

Our dogs are lightly shown and we have had some good results. Kali won Best Puppy Bitch from the minor puppy class at Darlington Championship show 2005 and she did us proud again at Crufts winning 2nd in the Good citizen bitch class out of 9. She was by far the youngest in the class. This copies her dad Neo doing the same last year. Faith was also shown at Crufts but enjoyed the experienced a bit too much and decided to skip round the ring instead of moving neatly, bless her!

Faith and Kali on holiday in Cornwall

Faith and Kali on holiday in Cornwall

We micro-chip all of our puppies before they go to their new homes and we put our phone number on the PetLog registration form as an additional contact.

We always encourage people to come and meet the adult dogs if they are interested in a puppy from us. This gives people an idea of what to expect from a GSP puppy from our line. If you are interested in a puppy from us then please call us for a chat on 01502 587420.

Whistlecraft puppies are home reared, micro-chipped, pedigree endorsed and come with full after sales service and a detailed contract.

We are a small kennel based in North Suffolk. Our dogs live in the family home with us and our 2 and a half year old little boy, who adores the dogs.

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