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I was born in neath in wales and my mother used to breed english springer spaniels always searching the country for top champion sires and would often sell the puppies all over the world,the other dog she bred was our pet yorkshire terrier cross poodle.So dogs have always been part of my life.the next dog we had was a golden cocker spaniel which was for my nanna,she never had puppies as she was epeleptic.Then we come to my 16th birthday and my own first dog and best friend Tuscan who was 3/4 grehound 1/16 border collie and 1/16 bearded collie.from here we go to greyhound rescue and ending up with 12 greyhounds,plus a english springer (jack) and Tuscan.All these dogs soon adapted to a working pack and were capable of bringing down large quarry (often feeding us all) or providing a service to many a farmer.The next lot of dogs were terriers which I found difficult and wayward and so ended that idea.LOOK OUT! the arrival of one of the best working dogs we've ever owned a miniature long haired dachsund Mattie nothing is too big for her but now she is getting older I'm just sorry I never had a litter from her,and so here we are with an english springer (shammi) and a black cocker (Betty)so this is how I got to be aware of this site because I decided to breed with Betty.I am keeping one puppy back with the intention of showing it.I have'nt done the health screening as the pups were bred to keep betty's bloodline in the family.

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