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Mareith Daquohnesta of Shepalian C.Dex -W.Dex,T.D.

Mareith Daquohnesta of Shepalian C.Dex -W.Dex,T.D.

photo by: John West

Asha worked up to T.Dex in Trials and gained many Best of Breed at Championship Shows. Did Demonstrations for Schools,Charitys and Scouts and still had time to do some Obedience and Agility.
Passed her Good Citizen at 9 months.
Best Pup of the Year (ASCUK)
Best Working Trials Dog (ASCUK)
Only dog to Acheive
The Supreme Roll of Honour (ASCUK)
Also produced a Superb litter of Pups who have all done well in the show ring and working.
Gypsy C.Dex-T.D, Best Bitch Championship Shows
and a Best Bitch at The Welsh KC show at 10 years old. Followed up a week later with a reserve best veteran in show.
Rhumba 'B' obedience Best Bitch Championship Shows
Chloe C.Dex-U.D, Novice obedience, Best Bitch Championship Shows.
Fidget, Crufts Flyball Team two years running, Placed at Championship Shows.
Mac Placed at Championship Shows
Muffin Reserve Best Bitch at Crufts 2001
We still miss this very lovely Bitch but her children, grand children and great grand children are keeping the flag flying showing that they can work as well as show.
Gefion Cepheid of Shepalian Best Bitch Crufts.
John and I are deverstated at the loss of Jazz (Gefion Cepheid) at 13 years 6 months. Until the end she was very much the boss of the house. Always kind and a real pleasure to live with. She has left us a legacy in her children and granchildren.

Stop Press. Well Done to Lynne Cousins and Shepalian Acountry Cousin C.Dex-T.D on gaining C.C Bitch at the Welsh Show 2007 at 10 years old.
Congratulations to Shepalian Night Flight on her Best in Show at ASCUK Limit Show 2009 and to her many Best veterans in Open Shows.

Qualified for Crufts 2014
Shepalian Toffee Crisp
Shepalian Bear Necessity
Shepalian Flickers Flock
Amberslade Michigan at Shepalian
shepalian Maid in Heaven
Shepalian Mistee Dream at Soullaria

Venue de France Panda of Crystal Lake at Shepalian

Venue de France Panda of Crystal Lake at Shepalian

photo by: Sylvie Gailliaert

My thanks to Sylvie Gailliaert for allowing us to have Panda. We are so Proud of her.
She arrived in April 2006 taking 2, seconds and 3, firsts, 3 Reserve Best Bitches at Championship Shows.
She is a real cuddles and has fitted in with our family and loves nothing better than to be cuddled by my grandchildren. The sweetest and most loving bitch to own.

Her first two litters are already doing well in the show ring and in work.
See Amenbury's page for details on Paris and Bandit.
Stop Press. Panda won Post Graduate Bitch at CRUFTS 2006. What a little star. Qualified for Crufts 2007/2008
Stop Press. Pandas daughter Shepalian Bajimba (Nikky) was reserve best bitch at the Welsh show at just 1 year old. Gained her Junior Warrent at only 13 months.
Well done to brother Rider on his four Reserve Best Dogs at Bath, South Wales, City of Birmingham and Paignton. Congratulations also on his Show Certificate of Merit.
Congratulations to Paris 2nd at Crufts 2009, Rider 5th and Freckles 5th in her class.
First show of the season Nikky, Best Bitch Working and Pastoral and to Rider 1st in his class and Teegan 3rd in her class. Dee Best Bitch Paignton, Teegan reserve Best Bitch Paignton. What a start to 2009.

Fulmay First Challenger at Shepalian C.Dex-T.D

Fulmay First Challenger at Shepalian C.Dex-T.D

photo by: Colin Seddon

Mason was a smashing dog to live with and not only did he do well in the show ring he also did well at Working Trials.
He qualified C.Dex,U.D,U.Dex,W.D,also 2 W.Dex and 2 T.D opens.

Mason also helps dad in demonstrations at shows and Fete's.

Mason retired from trials but competed in two Veteran stakes coming 1st and a 2nd.
Mason won his Working class and was 4th in the Veteran Class at ASCUK Championship Show 2008.

Animal Health Care Trust DNA tested eyes clear.

Shepalian Toffee Crisp U.D. U.Dex

Shepalian Toffee Crisp U.D. U.Dex

photo by: Colin Seddon

Toffee was the puppy nobody wanted so we decided to run him on. Like his dad he has the most superb temperament. Nothing bothers him, he is so easy to show any body can handle him. He has an excellent show record having many wins and placings at championship and open shows.
Toffee like most of our dogs is worked gaining C.Dex,U.D, U.Dex, W.D and W.Dex. His sister Pillow Talk has already got her C.Dex and came 3rd at Surrey and U.D and came 1st at Hampshire Trial and has just Won W.Dex at Surrey and 1st Wessex W.Dex. She also qualified T.Dex at Wessex working trial. What a star.
His other sister Sweet Dreams is doing well in Agility and has had several 1st in the show ring. Kimba is doing well in obedience and has started working trials gaining his C.D., Kimba has also done well in Open and Championship Shows..
He was;
Best Opposite Sex Pup of the Year 2004 ASCUK
2nd in Post Graduate Dog CRUFTS 2006, 3rd was his brother Shepalian Dream Machine(Kimba). Both qualified for Crufts 2007.
Toffee was 2nd Post Graduate Dog
Kimba was 4th Post Graduate Dog
Both qualified for Crufts 2008

Stop press. We are over the moon that Toffee has gained his U.D and came 4th at Avon Trial under Judge Vicky Wilford. What a star!
Wessex Trial Judge Barbara Riste
Toffee gained his U.Dex
He gained his C.Dex at Hampshire coming 5th.
We also showed him at The Working and Pastoral Judge Breed specialist Angie Challenger, where he won 1st Limit Dog qualifying for Crufts for life.
Gained his W.Dex at Hampshire Trial coming 5th.
back in the ring he has so far taken two Reseve Best in Show Veterans this year 2011.

Animal Health Care Trust DNA tested eyes clear

Shepalian came into exsistance in the early 1990's when we started breeding from our Boxers and Jack Russells. Having bred Horses and Birmin Cats under the WestCourt Prefix for over 15 years.Showed and worked in Working Trials
John then started to work the first of his German Shepherds (Dee). Which we gaining a Reserve Ticket first time in ticket.. Cressie came next gained T.Dex and CJ W.Dex.
In 1990 we met our first Aussie and we were hooked. We joined the Aussie Club to find out more about the breed and in 1994 Asha joined us from Marg and Keith Beastall with Jazz following 6 months later. Both gaining Best Bitches at championship shows.
Although we are a very small kennel we have had Aussies for over 20 years and have been involved with the breed for over 22 years.
Non of our Dogs live in kennels or crates, they are very much part of our Family and live in the house with us. We have over 2 acres of land for them to play in around the lodge, with many miles of forest tracks on our door step. The coast is only 15 minutes away and they love to swim in the sea or in the local river. Our aim is to produce dogs that can do a days work wether in obedience, trials or agility but can still be Shown with success.
We do training for Working Trials at Chudleigh and at Upottary on a one to one basis or in small classes. John is also a ticket judge in trials and regulary does talks, seminars, KC Good Citizen, training and judging in both breed and Trials for other clubs and societies. I help with training and at trials and have judged at Exemption level shows. Both of us have passed our KC judges test in Trials, John has also passed BIPDT exam.
We are happy always happy to receive visitors at any time to see our Aussies and our very laid back GSD just give us a ring to get the kettle on.

Congratulations to Susanne Jaffa and WTCh. OBCh. Amberslade Buccaneer C.Dex-T.Dex on winning the dog ticket in Obedience at Crufts 2010.
Congratulations to Susanne on gaining T.Dex ticket at Wessex and Midland border collie club making Buck now a Dual Champion.
Also Congratulations to Shepalian Nightflight to Moortime C.Dex-W.Dex on winning Veterean Bitch at Crufts 2010 with Shepalian Asweet Mellow Dee second at 13 years old.

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