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Nitro Froide Mufle Audacious (Imp Svk)

Nitro Froide Mufle Audacious (Imp Svk)

photo by: Nitro

Having had Staffords in our home and Family for over 90 years they were and are my first love.
Horses and riding also a great passion.also Ski-ing.
Showing first in 1986 with some success, and lots of Fun. Never keeping more than three dogs at one time.
I also judged at Open shows for a while, health
and time stopping me going further. This was a pity
has i felt comfortable and confident from the start.
It was Five years after my marvellous dog (Welsh Dragon JW RCC) "Billy" died at 15 1/2 yrs. that it was time for another dog in the home. What luck
to decide on a Frenchie.
My first French Bulldog came in late 2006.

Mine have been Tested for as Much as Possible, Backs Scored & EYES.


Clear from the Crippling Hemivertebrea.

Can and does cause Paralysis All good breathers no health issues

Nitro,Vanity & Dolly

Nitro,Vanity & Dolly

photo by: Father Mother & Daughter

Nitro -
I took a flight to see him. Stayed five days to see all his family, also got Health profiling.

Back X-Rayed he is free from "Hemivertibre"

"Nitro Froid Mufle Audacious" has passed Clear his KC/BVA/ISDS Eye Examination Scheme Now DNA Tested Clear for HC.

Health Certificate Available, Stamped and signed by my Vet.
Peter Janes MRCVS, Bull Breed, Breed Specialist.

Now Frozen Sperm Available from "Nitro".

Vanity Fair Froid Mufle Audacious

Vanity Fair Froid Mufle Audacious

photo by: audrey still

Vanity Fair Froid Mufle Audacious
came to us at 10 months.
She is a natural. Perfect mover Lovely head and ear set.
again full of health and vigour of correct size.


Dolly "Audacious Indulgence"

photo by: audrey still

"Dolly" "Audacious Indulgence"
Lovely Blonde Girl From " Nitro" & " Vanity " now 2 1/2 years

"Nitro Froid Mufle Audacious"
By. JCH. Fidelity De La Parure
Full Health Profiling. Super Temperament very strong and Agile boy. excellent movement. Clear Eye Test, and most important Clear Spine Xray.He has soundness and Vigour.
Now Qiuncy Jones (my first pied) in his First Show "National" Won PGDog Qaulifies him for Crufts 2012. Now Qualified for Crufts 2013. He is Nitro's Cousin.
Once again excepional health & Vigour. Has a Healthy spine with only one slight narrowing of one Vertibrae HV 9.. Score 2. this is also excepional. So lucky to have Found them.

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