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North Lanarkshire
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Luther and Gunner  -  'Two Peas in a Pod'

Luther and Gunner - 'Two Peas in a Pod'

photo by: H Bowie

A very handsome 'Code'

A very handsome 'Code'

photo by: Ian Raper

 The Boyz - 'Pigeon Patrol'

The Boyz - 'Pigeon Patrol'

photo by: G Walker

From a very young age I have been involved with dogs and horses but it wasn't until I settled back in the UK that I was fortunate enough to be 'owned' by such a wonderful breed. First and foremost my dogs were acquired as ' companions' and anything else accomplished is a bonus.

My main interest is showing and even before I had a weimaraner of my own I would spend many hours both at the side of a show ring or researching the breed with any means I could find. Unfortunately my first 2 boys were not suitable for showing, one due to medical problems and the other just disliking the whole experience.

Then along came 'Dempsey' our rescue - it should have been us that were rescued, he was a 'nightmare' no one had thought to teach him any manners. He was hard work and still can be very stubborn, a loving boy who had no time spent on him but has his forever home now.

My latest boy ' Cody' a gentle and undemanding boy has given me the opportunity to fulfil my hobby and I am enjoying every minute of it. I am eternaly grateful to Trish Grime of the renowned 'Ansona Kennel' for letting me have this special boy.

'Mason' arrived after I went to "just have a look" a Code baby who does everything at a Hundred miles an hour..not like his Dad who is so chilled.

'Leksi' a rescue who joined the crew after she was found nearly starved to death and in a terrible state...she is hard work but a sweetheart who deserves so much loving.

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