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Kricarno Kalculation at 2 years old

Kricarno Kalculation at 2 years old

photo by: colin penny

Kricarno Kalculation, 'Kali'
Stud number 3905CS.
Born on the 10 /10/05.
Top Puppy in breed in 2006. Our Dogs / Pedigree Master foods

constantly being placed at shows
A lovely boy whose loveable and laid back temperment is well known to all who know us

Kricarno Krystal Kool

Kricarno Krystal Kool

photo by: sandie Tadd

Kricarno Krystal Kool 'Kimmi'
Stud number 1910 CQ
Born on the 21/05/04
Gained her frist CC @ 14 months old
Showed sparingly but constantly placed.
a loveable girl with an outstanding temperment.
she apologies for the dirty face but she had just finished digging in her muddy hole after the rain.

Kricarno Kaptorvator 'Kye'

Kricarno Kaptorvator 'Kye'

photo by: Sandie Tadd

Kricarno Kaptorvator 'Kye'
Stud number 2516CM
Born on the 2/10/99
Winner of 4 Best in Show & 2 Reserve Best in Show at Open and Club Shows
Standing at nearly 32 inches to the shoulder he is a true Gentle Gaint, retired now so as he can 'do his own thing' of which he does well, like barking and telling the birds off if they make too much noise, and letting all the rest of the pack know if there are any strangers about. Always been my husbands favourite and they have a true bond between them.

Kricarno Khoirboy 'Kracker' at 7 months old

Kricarno Khoirboy 'Kracker' at 7 months old

photo by: Sandie Tadd

Kracker is our newest baby along with his sister Krumpet ' Kricarno Krystal Karresha' who were born on the 12 of November 2008. Kracker has been to 4 Open shows so far and has had puppy group 1, 2, 2, and 3 starting with the Group 3 first then the 2 group 2's and the last was the group 1 along with a RBIB in his class. Both have qauified for Crufts on their first outings to Ch Shows. Mum is Kricarno Krystal Kool ' Kimmi' and dad is Ch. Sketrick Gardian
we are very pleased with the litter all round there was 9 of them and 4 are now being shown. The picture is of Kracker at 7 months old standing 29 ins at the shoulder.
Since the last time I updated this on Kracker, he is now 10 months old and has won 2 Reserve Best Puppy In Show and 2 Best Puppy In Show and a Best in Show his latest win was 4 .10.09 at the South Eastern Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club Limited Show when he won Best puppy in Show and Best in Show, now standing at 31 inches to the shoulder and every bit a showman, Krumpet is not being shown at this moment in time as she is like her brother very tall but has not got the body yet and she would not be appreciated in the show ring at the moment, for her good points, We took back their other sister Kricarno Krystal Karousel after her owner tried to sell her on epupz, and she is lovely and will be shown later on this month hopefully at Midland Counties, Krystal is full of cheek with a beautiful smile and smashing movement, so hopefully watch this space.

We are a small private Kennel established late 80's, we only breed as and when we want another dog to show, at this moment in time we have 5 PMD's our Oldest being Katie who is now 12 1/2 years old, she is full litter sister to the top male winning PMD record holder of Champion Certificates, she, herself is a Champion in her own right, but of course is retired now her two children Korri and Kye who are both 10 years old also have four Reserve between them, Korri getting 2 of hers at Crufts, STOP PRESS Korri won her first CC at the tender age of 9 1/2 last year at Richmond out of Veteran Class!
Korri's daughter Kimmi is next at 5 years old she took her first ticket at the tender age of 14 months, last but not least is Kali, he's 3 1/2 and has just become a dad to 4 lovely boys and 3 smashing girls.
I am also co- ordinator for the Pyrenean Mountain Dog club GB Rescue please contact my web site for more information on our family. Please feel free to contact me for any help or information you may need or want on Pyrenean's or any breed.

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