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My name is Jenny Gould and I have owned and trained dogs for over 30 years, for most of this I have been heavily involved in German Shepherd Dogs. I only breed a litter once every 2 or 3 years, just when I want to keep a puppy or to continue my line.

My breeding philosophy is to produce German shepherds who are sound in both body and mind. The German Shepherd is essentially a working breed and as such I aim to produce puppies who able to fulfill this, both physically and mentally. My puppies are sensible and sane to live with but happy and willing to involved themselves in anything you wish to do with them! Their construction is completely unexaggerated in any way.

I own a well established and very successful dog training company. I compete in Competition Obedience and have qualified every one of my German Shepherds to date to work Championship level. Chance (Obedience Champion Zakanja Bitter N Twisted) is the first GSD since 2000 to be qualified for the Crufts Championships as an Obedience Champion! His sister is Obedience Champion Zakanja Little Creature and these are the first GSD littermate Obedience Champions in history! I am proud to be able to confirm another Zakanja Obedience Champion in Obedience Champion Zakanja Beewyched! I am honoured to have been invited to run training seminars and judge obedience classes in both Europe and the UK.

All of my dogs who are used for breeding are health tested well above the level recommended by the Kennel Club. I personally feel that it is as important to test elbows as it is to test hips. CDRM is unfortunately a very common debilitating disease and testing before breeding will help us remove this awful disease from our wonderful breed!

Whilst I adore training and competing with my dogs, they are first and foremost my pets. They are all trained using positive reinforcement and I would not work them if they did not choose to be involved, funnily enough they all love it! They live in the house, normally found hogging the sofas!

I am extremely selective about where I place my puppies and offer lifelong support. If you would like to be considered for one of my puppies, please don't hesitate to contact me with a view to becoming one of their new owners! Please do be prepared for an interrogation however!

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